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We assess the quality of your content

When evaluating your content, we consider a range of factors including frequency, article length and writing quality, as well as the needs of our distribution partners.

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We help you set up your content for syndication.
You won’t need to change anything about your website to work with Newstex.

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Your content is made available to professionals working in a variety of industries, from financial services, law, and investor relations to academia, government, and media.

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Do I retain full ownership of my content?

Yes, you retain sole ownership of your content, and our clients maintain attribution to your publication as the information source. We have no editorial control over your content, either.

Syndicating your content with Newstex is non-exclusive. It does not impact any other licensing or distribution arrangements that you have now or will have in the future.

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Our distribution partners include LexisNexis, Refinitiv, Thomson Westlaw, ProQuest, Moody’s NewsEdge, SyndiGate Media, and others.

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