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Syndicating your content with Newstex means making your full-text articles available via professional channels to audiences that find your high-quality content uniquely valuable.

These channels include academic libraries, specialized information databases dedicated to specific professional fields, media monitoring platforms, and content marketplaces that serve professional analysts, researchers, and marketing experts.

Enable outbound promotion at scale

Most content promotion strategies are 'pull' strategies designed to pull audiences to the content creator’s website.

Instead of trying to entice the right audience to come to your website, it is also possible to push your full-text articles to potential readers, wherever they might be.

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Here are a few of our content syndication partners: provides law firms, corporations, government agencies and academic institutions with news and business insights.

Thomson Reuters Westlaw offers a proprietary database for lawyers and legal professionals that is available in over 60 countries. provides information comprehensive discovery services to academic libraries across the globe. is a world-leading provider of financial news and insights for asset managers, bankers, financial traders, and treasury and compliance professionals.

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We consider a range of factors including posting frequency, article length, and writing quality as well as the needs of our clients.

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We help you set up your content for syndication. You will not need to change your website to work with Newstex.

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Our distribution partners receive content from all publishers in a single, combined feed from Newstex.

“Newstex helps us reach a wide audience of database, mobile news app, content marketing, and license agency clients without the need for direct targeting.”

• James Carl Hendrickson • 
Founder, District Media Inc.