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The 2006 SIIA Summit Conference is set for January 30 -31, 2007 in New York.  Many SIIA members have spent Thursday mornings this summer on conference calls planning the conference.  I was drafted, along with Matt Lohman of Knowledge Storm, to produce the panel:  Corporate Web 2.0 / What are the Opportunities in the B2B Space?

The concept for the panel is to listen to content industry executives share their company's experiences using the web as an application platform.  We hope to hear about the real challenges and advantages to building applications quickly and effectively on the web. How did they position themselves in a world in which users are defining the integration platforms needed to solve business problems?

If you would like to submit a company or your company that would meet this criteria of this panel please email me at lfschwartz-at-newstex-dot-com

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