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For the second year in a row, Newstex has won a People's Choice Award from Information Today! Thank you to everyone who voted for us, we are honored.

This year we won Top New Technology for our Blogs On Demand product.  Here's what Information Today had to say:


Winner: Newstex Blogs on Demand                     

Company Basics: According to Newstex, “sometimes simply knowing what’s going on isn’tenough.” If you’re one of those people who like to dig a bit deeper,Newstex may provide what you’re looking for. It customizeshigh-quality, affordable, real-time newsfeeds for customers from theworld’s premier content publishers. Its Blogs on Demand productprovides users with a selection of columns, op/ed pieces, and blogsaccessible from one location. Users can browse topics, from accountingto video games, and select stories to view. Newstex won the Top New ITEnterprise in the 2006 People’s Choice Awards (                  
Comments: “The one blog aggregator that puts the useful blogs in one place.”

 Honorable Mentions: Twitter; SimulScribe

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