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Wow - What a night at the 2007 SIIA Codie Awards in San Francisco.  Newstex was a finalist for two awards and won both! 

We partnered with LexisNexis and won the Best Blog Aggregation Service, this was the first time this award was presented as blogs become more and more important in the world of content.  Unfortunately, the SIIA only had one Codie to present, so Jonathan Hoy of LexisNexis and Larry Schwartz of Newstex are seen fighting over it below. Read the Press Release


Next Newstex was presented the Codie for the Content Newcomer of the Year. Read the Press Release.



Jonathan Hoy, LexisNexis and Larry Schwartz, Newstex on stage with their codie awards.

A special congratulations to our good friend John Blossom, Shore Communications, who won the Best Media Blog - read John's Thank You Post


Congratulations to all the finalist and winners at the 2007 SIIA Codie Awards.  A special thank you to the thousands of bloggers who make up the Newstex Blogs On Demand product and the virtual Newstex team that made all of this possible! Thank You!