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2009 was the year of Twitter.  From news spreading faster and wider than ever before to the sharing of authoritative content and all the fun and entertainment that the tool brought to people around the world, Twitter grew bigger than anyone could have imagined.  Earlier this week, I wrote about Twitter's explosive growth in 2009, and today I want to follow up by writing about the top Twitter trends in 2009.According to the Twitter blog, the top Twitter trends of 2009 covered a wide variety of topics from news to entertainment, sports to technology, and more.  Most of the top news-related Twitter trends in 2009 were related to politics and a wide variety of Twitter users joined those conversations.  What I found particularly interesting in the list of the top 2009 Twitter trends is the inclusion of some topics that were most certainly discussed by Twitter users who publish authoritative content.Consider the top 10 news Twitter trends in 2009 listed below:

  1. #iranelection
  2. Swine Flu
  3. Gaza
  4. Iran
  5. Tehran
  6. #swineflu
  7. AIG
  8. #uksnow
  9. Earth Hour
  10. #inaug09

It's interesting to imagine what will dominate the Twitter conversations of 2010.  Will more and more authoritative conversations occur on Twitter in 2010 than 2009?  I think it's safe to assume that will be the case, and Newstex will continue to syndicate more and more of that authoritative Twitter content in 2010!Happy New Year from the entire Newstex team!

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