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Recently, BestVendor surveyed 100 freelancers and asked them what their favorite apps and tools are. The results are shown in the infographic below.Whether you publish content as a freelancer or not, many of the tools and applications that freelancers use to increase productivity and efficiency can be extremely useful to content publishers, too.Of course, the sample size for the survey is small, but there just might be some handy apps in this list that you're not using yet, as well as some apps that most content publishers can't live without such as Google Analytics and DropBox.I'm surprised that social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are missing from the list. Even freelancers use social media to build their businesses! Those apps, as well as Skype, Pinterest, and WordPress, would also certainly be on this list if content publishers were surveyed. And the PR Newswire, LexisNexis, and other mobile content apps created by Newstex are great for publishers to keep up on topic news and find ideas for creating new content anytime and anywhere!What are your favorite tools and apps?

top apps for Freelancer infographic

Infographic by BestVendorImage: Ian Lamont

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