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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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Online content is a popular way for businesses and individuals alike to connect with their audiences and establish communities. The internet offers a diverse range of channels in which to do this. Popular content channels include social media, blogs, video, and audio. These channels play a key role in the marketing strategy of individuals and businesses alike, and for many businesses, they are a reliable way to connect with potential customers.

Online content is at its best when it’s shareable. It allows widespread access across platforms and ultimately increases the content’s reach. Most writers create their content with a certain audience in mind. While catering to a specific audience is okay, producing shareable content can help you reach new readers.

Online content writers need diverse channels to maximize their reach and increase brand awareness. This can mean optimizing content for various platforms or choosing boutique content sharing services. Shareable content is essential for prospective writers who seek to impact readers online.

Why your content should be more shareable

As mentioned above, shareable content enables flexibility and the opportunity to maximize earnings. Writers can be seen by more readers if they create engaging pieces that move audiences to click that share icon.

Finding the best way to reach a wider audience of readers is a major challenge that all content writers face. If your target audience is too narrow, you may unnecessarily diminish the reach of your content. On the other hand, producing large amounts of content without any particular reader in mind is often ineffective. To overcome this, you must find ways to encourage your current readers to share your content.

Want to know how?

Three ways to make it shareable

Divide your content into sections

Readers like to engage with organized content created in user-friendly formats. For example, this article uses sections to organize content, a concise yet informative paragraph structure, and includes options to share.

Audiences usually consume online content via portable devices like laptops and cell phones while they’re on the go. Organizing your written content into sections enables them to quickly scan through what you’re offering and see if it interests them. This also makes your material more digestible and easier to read.

Optimized content plays a huge role in visibility for readers. As mentioned above, many people read online content on the small screens of their portable devices. Organizing content can make reading easier while providing space for other creative content tools like infographics, pull quotes, and pictures.

Writers can also use sections to organize the importance of specific topics in an article. Providing headings that guide readers through an article can create a seamless experience that readers can go back to and reference.

Be aware of your organization when writing your next article, and see if it increases your readership on mobile devices in particular.

Be succinct

Another important component of creating shareable content is the ability to be succinct.

Readers need to understand the content in a short amount of time--if it’s too complicated, they won’t read it. Being succinct means making clear points in relatively few words and providing supporting evidence without overcomplicating things.

Content writers can develop this style by writing with a wider variety of audiences in mind. Curating specialized content that appeals to primary audiences, adjacent audiences, and sometimes unrelated audiences can enable writers to provide value for readers across a wide range of backgrounds.

Being succinct will amp up the credibility of your content, leading you to become a valuable source for audiences who seek to efficiently find information.

Have calls-to-action that lead to sharing

All written content should be as easy as possible to share.

You can share on whatever platform you believe attracts readers, and some popular options include personal websites, email, and social media. You should post your content on at least three platforms after publication to maximize reach.

In addition, calls-to-action are essential to an article’s shareability.

A call-to-action is simply a button or a hyperlink that a reader is encouraged to click on. Such buttons or hyperlinks can be placed within or beside an article to enable easy sharing.

Content creators should integrate share buttons that link to social platforms on every page of their blog. In addition, should have an RSS feed URLs. An RSS feed URL can be copied and pasted into a feed reader such as Feedly. This allows readers to receive the content of all sites that they follow  in one place.

Shareable content allows readers to access your material with the convenience of their mobile devices. It promotes sharing with friends and family on social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Having calls-to-action included in your content will also develop credibility across the board. Readers who see the content on multiple platforms will naturally trust that content more, especially if writers have established audiences on them.

Content writers who don’t include calls-to-action in their work are missing out on high-scale opportunities for growth and visibility. RSS feeds, for example, are responsible for a huge portion of blog article consumption across the internet. By allowing readers to follow multiple blogs in one place, RSS feeds provide easy access distinct bodies of work from many sources at once.


The internet houses billions of active users daily and 77% of those users read blog articles. Digestible content is more likely to be shared across platforms and reach audiences that you may not have reached before.

Content shareability practices like sectionalizing and implementing share buttons help writers grow their content and experience more traffic. Being succinct when writing encourages engagement and audience development because it provides valuable information that’s meant to be shared.

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