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Are you getting the most from your content? Chances are good that you're missing opportunities that can help you get more exposure for your content and get closer to reaching your direct and indirect content publishing goals.Sometimes simple tricks and tweaks can make a significant difference to the success of your content. With that in mind, check out five of the most commonly missed content opportunities described below. None of them require extensive knowledge, money, or time to do, but for some reason, most content publishers are missing them.

1. Turn Series Posts into Pages

If you publish series posts (or articles) where you create a number of posts and publish them as a connected series, then you should make all parts of the series easily accessible from any post in the series and from other parts of your website or blog. Aggregate the links to each of the posts in the series and publish them with snippets that describe each post (for search engine optimization purposes) on a page on your website or blog.Not only could such a page become popular for focused keywords via search but it also greatly improves the user experience on your site. There is nothing worse than stumbling on a great post that is part of a longer series but not being able to find the other articles in the series easily. Each article in the series should include a link to the aggregated series page.

2. Create a Frequently Asked Questions or Help Section

Another easy aggregation trick is to create a frequently asked questions page or help page (or section) on your website or blog where you publish common questions along with useful answers. Try to include a link to at least one archived piece of content within the answer to each question, but always make sure the link leads to useful content that further explains the answer to the question.

3. Publish a Best of Page

Which articles, posts, videos, and so on that you've published have gotten the most page views this year? What about this month? Which posts received the most page views of all time? You can aggregate links and snippets (for search engine optimization purposes) for any collection of popular posts that you want. If other people enjoyed a particular piece of content, other members of your audience are likely to enjoy it, too. Make it easy for them to find your best content by offering at least one "Best of" page.

4. Create a Biggest Buzz Page

Which pieces of content that you've published have received the most comments? Which content has been talked about the most? People love to join active and busy conversations, so make it easy for visitors to your website or blog to dive in with their own comments by hyping your most talked about content.

5. Display a Viral Page

Which pieces of your content have been shared the most across the social web? When a piece of content goes viral, it gets a lot of views. When visitors to your blog see links to viral content that has gotten thousands of shares, they'll want to check it out and see what is so great about it. Don't miss the opportunity to get your most shared content in front of them by offering a page filled with aggregated links and snippets that entice click-throughs and aid your search engine optimization efforts.If any of these content opportunities are missing from your publishing plan, add them and watch the positive results follow. It won't take long to see a noticeable difference.Image: Edwin Pijpe