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Do you know the truth about blog and Twitter content syndication?  Here are 5 reasons you should learn the truth:

  1. Syndication models: There are 3 primary types of online content syndication.  Make sure you pick the right syndication opportunity to reach your goals.
  2. Increased exposure: Licensed syndication can put your content and name in front of influential audiences who might not find it otherwise.
  3. Credibility: Licensed syndication can put your content alongside of content from major news and media organizations.
  4. Money: You can earn royalties through licensed syndication.
  5. More traffic: Licensed syndication doesn't compete with your blog's existing traffic stream.  It adds to it.

If you don't already know the truth, you can learn the whole story in Newstex's free ebook, The Truth about Blog and Twitter Content Syndication.

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