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Mobile content is a top priority for many publishers, but many are slow to make the transition from a desktop-mindset to a mobile-mindset. Simply republishing the exact same content for mobile audiences that you publish for desktop audiences will drive minimal results. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Think back in history when televisions debuted. Simply republishing radio content on televisions would not yield optimum results. The same is true with the shift to mobile today.For content publishers, there are several secrets to successfully transitioning to mobile content publishing. Following are some of those secrets so you can get you started:

1. Think Platform First

Don't try to fit a square peg in a round hole. Just because it's easy to republish content to the mobile platform doesn't mean you should. Instead, create content optimized for mobile devices with images, video, and short blocks of text. Furthermore, just because you have the newest iPad doesn't mean that all mobile users have the same device with the same capabilities. A negative user experience will ensure that people who find your mobile content never read it again and don't share it with anyone else.

2. Get out of Your Comfort Zone

You need to understand the mobile landscape, which changes quickly. In other words, you need to proactively embrace change. Most humans are innately opposed to change. That means you'll need to take risks and seize opportunities even if you're not 100% comfortable doing so.

3. Remember Your Role

You can't do everything, so don't try. If your expertise is creating content for a specific audience, then focus on doing exactly that in the mobile space. In other words, don't let all of the shiny new toys and conversational tangents steer you too far away from your strategic purpose and goals.

4. Practice what You Preach

You need to be a mobile user in order to create and publish top quality content for mobile audiences. It's hard to write understand the mobile audience if you've never owned a smartphone.

5. Listen First, Publish Second

As with all forms of content creating, publishing, and marketing, you'll be most successful if you listen to your audience's wants and needs and then deliver mobile content that addresses those wants and needs. Never rely on what you think they want and need, because you're probably wrong.

6. Platform Does Not Define the Audience

Mobile audiences are filled with a diverse group of people. One size does not fit all, so create content strategies and tactics that take these variations into consideration. Segment your audience and deliver targeted content for maximum results.What secrets to mobile content publishing would you add to this list?Image: Vernon Chan

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