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ABM conference 2014

American Business Media's (ABM) 2014 conference is coming to Phoenix, Arizona on May 4-7, and this year's event will be focused on go-to market solutions.ABM is a division of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). The organization focuses on delivering intelligence related to all aspects of the business-to-business model, including data, events, information, marketing services, and media. ABM's 150 members have an audience reach of over 100 million, which represents nearly 4,000 print and online titles as well as over 1,000 trade shows, with annual revenues greater than $20 billion.This year's conference will tackle issues related to bringing products and services to market in the fast-changing environment that B2B media and information companies find themselves in today. Attendees will be able to learn hear from B2B leaders who will share how they create ideas for new products and services as well as how to manage the inevitable internal and external challenges when new products and services are in development and how to bring these new products and services to market successfully. For example, B2B leaders will deliver insights about how to fund development and how to effectively manage startup losses.Newstex President Larry Schwartz and John Brennan, Director of Business Development for LexisNexis, will lead a session about content licensing during the ABM 2014 annual conference. Here is a full list of session titles to give you an idea of the many topics that will be discussed during the event:

  • Creating an Entrepreneurial Environment
  • Leveraging Alliances, Partnerships and Technology to Gain Scale
  • Three Ways to Build Value for Your Company
  • Why B2B is the Future for The Weather Channel
  • Getting Business and Technology Groups to Work Together
  • 10 Ways You Can (and Must) Leverage Audience Data Today
  • Advanced But Realistic Marketing Solutions
  • How BLR Built Workflow Tools for Its Customers
  • How to Manage Legacy Products While Prepping for the Future
  • What B2B Brands Want from You
  • Better, Cheaper, Faster: Transforming the Content Workflow
  • Scaling Your Event Business
  • Building Business Enablement Tools: SaaS and PaaS for Publishers
  • Turning Content Licensing into a Real Business Line
  • Passing the Torch: Meet the Next Leaders of B-to-B

The event will also include networking time and a women's leadership and networking council meeting. You can follow the link to view the complete schedule with session descriptions and speaker bios on the event website.The annual ABM conference is open for registration to all ABM, SIIA, and SIPA members.