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ACI Information Group and ORCID announce a partnership in which scholarly blogs included in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index can be integrated with ORCID public profiles.  In addition, through linked data, the journal and book content published by ORCID authors will be integrated into the author profile page in ACI Scholarly Blog Index.

The ACI Information Group is pleased to add another important partner to the list of scholarly workflow tools incorporated into the ACI Scholarly Blog Index that will enable authors to extend their digital footprint in an authoritative and credible way.  With the proliferation of publishing platforms and digital tools it’s important for authors to be correctly associated with their work and be able to transport that association from platform to platform. ACI helps researchers extend this association to their scholarly blogs.

ORCID is a not-for-profit organization that has developed an author identification scheme and these unique identifiers can be used by individuals to link their names with their “research, scholarship, and innovation activities.” ORCID also provides a set of tools that enable “transparent and trustworthy connections between researchers, their contributions, and affiliations.”

ORCID’s mission to “collect and connect” complements ACI’s mission to identify and collect the best scholarly blogs, connect authors to their readers, and provide a 360 degree of an author’s scholarly work.

In addition to incorporating ORCID identifiers into the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, ACI will work with our authors, who are also researchers and faculty at leading academic institutions worldwide, to sign up for an ORCID and (either “add a link to” or “link to”) their scholarly work in the ORCID repository.  Through this identifier, an author’s work will be clearly and correctly linked to the right person.

Here is a screen shot of an ACI author with journal articles powered by ORCID. The journal listings also display the PlumX plumprints showing the alternative metrics and reach of the publication.  The ACI Information Group partnership with PlumX is covered in this post.  ACI continues to work with partners to integrate ACI’s blogs into the scholarly communications framework.

ACI author profile for John Wills Lloyd

There are a number of  ways in which authors can add their publications to ORCID, see the ACI blog post:  ACI Tips: How to Add Works to Your ORCID Profile for some examples. The benefit for scholars indexed in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index to include ORCID identifiers is that the association offers a unique advantage so that book or journal titles contained in ORCID profiles will automatically populate the Books and Journal Articles tabs on an ACI author profile page, see above or click here to see a live example.