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Here at Newstex, we're focused exclusively on delivering premium newsfeeds. We don't build end-user applications and we aren't a publisher of original content. But we do have an unrelenting focus as a value-added content distribution link from publishers, government feeds and emerging content sources including commentary and blogs to downstream information aggregators and enterprise clients.

Our emails were buzzing late this week when we learned that Reuters struck a major deal with BT for Reuters to exit the provision and management of data networks. The announcement that Reuters is leaving the network business to focus on the company's core information markets strikes us as a good move.

We're finding that many forward-looking customers prefer to purchase the best product or service from each category of supplier and combine them in the way that makes the most sense for their particular business need. Customers tell us it is no longer ideal for vendors to do all things -- in fact it can be a hindrance.

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