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Congratulations to ProPublica (whose content is syndicated through Newstex) for reporter Sheri Fink's 2010 Pulitzer Prize win for Investigative Reporting.ProPublica is a non-profit investigative news organization that began publishing in 2008.  The content produced by ProPublica is shared free-of-charge with news organizations that need help supplementing their own content following deep reductions in their reporting staffs.  Sheri Fink's series for ProPublica was published on both the ProPublica Web site and in New York Times Magazine and told the story of how one New Orleans hospital's staff struggled and the difficult choices they were forced to make in the days after Hurricane Katrina.ProPublica has more news on the Pulitzer Prize front, too.  ProPublica reporters Tracy Weber and Charles Ornstein were named finalists for the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for an article they wrote that was published on the ProPublica Web site and in the Los Angeles Times about the oversight of nursing in California.ProPublica has been getting noticed and recognized through numerous awards aside from the prestigious Pulitzer Prize.  For example, ProPublica reporter T. Christian Miller (along with Los Angeles Times reporter Doug Smith and photographer Francine Orr) won the online reporting award from Investigative Reporters and Editorsand the Selden Ring Award for Investigative Reporting for a project they did that told the stories of civilian contract workers in Iraq and Afghanistan.  You can read more about the awards ProPublica has won here.Newstex is proud to be able to syndicate the authoritative content from ProPublica.