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Did you know that Android has a 53% share of the smartphone market while the iPhone holds just a 36% market share? At first glance, you might think since there are more Android users, that's where you should invest your mobile development time and budget. But wait. Market share doesn't tell the full story.According to comScore research, Android has a greater number of users in every category of mobile activity tracked, including using social media, accessing news, and visiting online retail sites, but iPhone users are more engaged with each of these activities. Furthermore, iPhone users are more likely to engage in m-commerce by making purchases using their mobile devices.That bears repeating: iPhone users are more likely to use and engage in all mobile activities than Android users. The question becomes whether you want to target a larger audience with your mobile development project or if you want to target a more engaged audience.Another important component of the mobile development decision-making process should include a consideration of device brand loyalty. According to comScore, iPhone users are extremely loyal with 62% of them being highly satisfied with their devices and 80% having owned an iPhone previously. Android users are highly satisfied, too, but the number is smaller at 48%.Bottom-line, iPhone users represent a consumer audience that understands brand loyalty. It stands to reason that mobile developers who focus on the loyal iPhone audience should benefit from a waterfall effect that enables them to increase market share and loyalty to their own mobile apps and products.Another interesting statistic from the comScore study reveals that 41% of iPhone users report having annual incomes over $100,000 while only 24% of Android users report the same income level. Generally speaking, iPhone users have money to spend, which is attractive to many mobile developers.You can see these statistics and more in the infographic from comScore below. Keep in mind, there are more factors to consider in developing a mobile or tablet app than device market share. Be sure to read the free Newstex ebook, "The Publisher's Guide to Mobile and Tablet Development," to learn more.

Android vs iPhone User Demographics Infographic

Image: comScore

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