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According to a study by NPD Group, sales of Android smartphones beat sales of iPhones in the United States during the first quarter of 2010 for the first time.  However, BlackBerry devices held onto the majority of market share.Here is the first quarter 2010 sales breakdown between the big three:

  1. BlackBerry = 36% market share
  2. Android = 28% market share
  3. iPhone = 21% market share

There are a couple of factors helping to boost Android sales above iPhone sales: more carriers (iPhones are only available with AT&T) and better promotions (buy one get one free at Verizon Wireless).As more and more people trade up from traditional mobile phones to smartphone devices, the demand for mobile apps will also increase with the most useful and entertaining apps drawing the most attention.  We're also likely to start seeing more and more apps with pricetags attached to them as well as an increase in mobile advertising, which studies show is more effective than online advertising (via eMarketer).Newstex is already very active in creating mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and BlackBerry with several mobile apps already launched and many more on the way.  You can follow the links below to learn about Newstex mobile apps that have already been launched, and stay tuned to the Newstex blog for news about new mobile app launches!

Do you own a smartphone?  What device do you have and why?  Leave a comment and share your opinion on the battle of the smartphones.Image: Flickr

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