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It's been nine months since I posted online video rankings, so I thought it would be interesting to see how site rankings have changed since the July 2010 online video rankings were reported by comScore.In April 2011, comScore reports that Google sites still hold the top spot by a landslide (YouTube drives the vast majority of that traffic), but there have been some changes among the other spots in the top 10 online video properties by video content views (ranked by unique video viewers). Check out the chart below for the quick stats:

In April 2011, Google sites still enjoy nearly three times as many viewers as the next leading sites, VEVO and Yahoo!. Interestingly, VEVO has overtaken Yahoo! since the July 2010 report when Yahoo! held the second spot on the list. Other movers on the list include AOL and NBC Universal, which weren't even in the top ten in July 2010. Falling out of the top ten since July 2010 were Disney Online and Fox Interactive Media.In April 2011, 81.9% of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video with the duration of the average online video being 5.2 minutes.  In terms of the number of viewing sessions and minutes per viewer, Google holds the top spot for both. However, Hulu continues to show big numbers for long-form online video content. Despite having over 400% fewer unique viewers and over 1,000% fewer viewing sessions than Google sites, Hulu experienced just 39% fewer minutes per viewer than Google sites. It makes sense that Hulu is the top online video property in terms of streaming video ads viewed.Online video is here to stay. Are you publishing video content yet? Newstex can help you boost exposure for your online video content and earn some money at the same time through its Authoritative Content video syndication. Learn more here.