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We all know that traditional news media is struggling.  Not only is the competition from new media such as blogs, online video, Twitter, and so on threatening traditional news outlets, but more and more consumers are becoming disheartened by the obvious political leaning of major news organizations.  GlobalPost is changing all of that with its new media journalism born of traditional news values.GlobalPost is a new media leader combining the best of traditional news and new media by forging a new type of news site.  GlobalPost was built by veteran journalists who came from top news organizations such as Hearst, Tribune, New York Times, and major media backgrounds.  The site has grown into a major international news site, linked and sourced regularly by numerous leading news organizations, and is a backbone wire feed for major news outlets around the world.What makes GlobalPost unique?  Take a look at some of the highlights of the GlobalPost business model:

  • More than 65 correspondents/writers covering over 45 countries (see the map below for correspondent locations - they live where the work)
  • Independent, objective coverage with "ground truth" -- stories are written by in-country professional journalists
  • In-depth analysis of important global issues by professional journalists
  • Web-based business model
  • International syndication service available in print and online
  • Free content as well as additional premium content available by subscription

GlobalPost has 3-part a mission:

  1. "GlobalPost is embarking on a bold journey to redefine international news for the digital age.  To get there, GlobalPost is relying on the enduring values of great journalism: integrity, accuracy, independence and powerful storytelling."
  2. "GlobalPost follows no political line.  GlobalPost encourages its correspondents to write with a strong voice and to work hard to unearth facts, but we leave opinion on the opinion pages."
  3. "GlobalPost is proud to be an American news organization with a decidedly American voice.  We also intend to seek out and tell the truth as we find it.  To quote the great American newsman and foreign correspondent Edward R. Murrow, we aspire always to report the news "without fear or favor."

Sound interesting?  It is.  That's why Newstex is very happy to be partnering with GlobalPost to syndicate GlobalPost's Authoritative Content to end-user customers around the world who need access to quality content from top sources.  You can learn more about GlobalPost in the Newstex Publisher INsider, and be sure to check out the GlobalPost website.