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A recent study by GlobalWebIndex sheds light on how people are using sites like Twitter and Facebook and what they want from online publishers. Turns out, authoritative content from online publishers is in "high demand" among microbloggers (e.g., Twitter users) and social networking users (e.g., Facebook and LinkedIn).The study reveals that the online audience is interested in getting new knowledge and being entertained by online publishers, particularly from brands. That means a huge opportunity exists for authoritative content publishers to create and share content that educates, interests, engages, helps, and entertains the online audience.In other words, many microbloggers and social networking users are aware that there is a difference between authoritative content and "all the rest," and they want more of that authoritative content.When it comes to how Internet users actually use social sites, activities vary by site. For example, Facebook users are uploading more and more videos and pictures to their profiles and groups.On the other hand, Twitter users are far more likely to share content created by other people by tweeting links, linking to videos, linking to news stories, linking to blogs, and so on. Other common daily activities include publishing personal photos and other images, offering opinions on products or brands, and commenting on events they plan to attend. You can see the specifics in the table below.

As the data from this study demonstrates, Twitter, Facebook and other social sites aren't just for teenagers and people who want to waste time online. These sites are now important sources of authoritative content and have become some of the first sites that people go to in order to get information, ask questions, and share useful content -- particularly professional content.And if people are looking for authoritative Twitter and blog content online, you can bet they're looking for it through their corporate, legal, government, and university libraries and systems. That's just one more reason why syndicating your Authoritative Content through a licensed-syndication provider like Newstex is so important to help you broaden your audience and exposure.Image:

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