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I've written a lot about online video on the Newstex blog, and I've written a lot about Twitter.  Today, I thought I'd combine the two into a post about sharing videos on Twitter and the best Twitter apps to help you do it.There are a number of Twitter video apps available offering a variety of features and functions (some far more than others), but I chose the two that seem to be leading the pack these days to

twitvid is fairly new but offers a lot of features.  You can upload your online videos directly from your computer, via email from your mobile phone, or you can record them from a webcam.  You can upload videos up to 1 GB or 20 minutes in length.  The site is very easy to use and also includes links to uploaded videos that are popular or that have been uploaded recently.  You can also retweet videos directly from the site.TwitLens


TwitLens allows users to upload videos from their computers or via their mobile phones.  Videos can be a maximum of 50 MB, and you can upload multiple videos at the same time (a big time saver).  TwitLens also allows you to tag the people in your video and notifies them via Twitter that they've been tagged, making sharing even easier!You can also share videos on Twitter with these Twitter apps:

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