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If there was any question whether RIM should be concerned about Apple and Google, recent survey results from a Crowd Science study provides a clear picture of the future of the smartphone market.According to the study of RIM BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and Google Android customers' whose contracts are coming to an end in the near future, 39% of BlackBerry users said they "definitely or probably would" switch to an iPhone, and nearly one-third said they would switch to an Android.  On the other hand, 92% of iPhone owners said they would stick with their iPhones, and 87% of Android owners said they'd stay with their Androids.BlackBerry still has the highest market share in the smartphone category (42% vs. 25% for the iPhone) but that number is dropping as both the iPhone and Android continue to pick up market share each month.Interestingly, the study also found that ony 7% of surveyed BlackBerry users still use their device strictly for business purposes.  That statistic alone tells much of the story of the future of the smartphone market.  Consumers want far more than what a "business" smartphone can offer these days, and those demands are only going to continue to grow.The question now is whether or not BlackBerry can make the changes necessary to keep up with the cool kids, iPhone and Android.  What do you think?  Can BlackBerry stay relevant?Image: Flickr