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Today, launched its new website as a "consumer-facing destinations where viewers can discover, watch, and share the best in original web series." In the same press release, announced it has reached over 3 billion views to date and is on track to reach one billion views per quarter. Those statistics make it one of the largest independently owned and operated video has been around since 2005 and has always focused on working with leading web series producers, advertisers and distributors. One of the site's goals has always been to make original web series programming successful and of course, profitable.The new site will do two things according to executives: make it easier for consumers to find and follow the best web series video programming and offer great tools and features for the best web series video producers and talent. editors will select the programs to feature on the site, which will be divided into 16 topical categories. There will also be a new search feature and tons of advertising opportunities.For online video publishers, the new offers:

  • The ability to broadcast their social media profiles
  • The ability to organize videos into content libraries
  • The ability to interact with fans in a "well-organized" environment
  • The ability to recommend other shows they think their fans will like
  • The ability to customize graphics to create film quality program posters

YouTube, Netflix, -- all of the online video sites are looking for ways to differentiate themselves, build market share, and stay relevant in the near future. Acquisitions of content, new streaming deals, and so on are making the news every day. It will be interesting to follow the market and see which online video sites are thriving a a year from now or 3 years from now. One thing is for sure, this is a market that is only going to continue to grow and evolve as demand grows online and in the mobile space.What do you think of the site relaunch? Leave a comment and share your thoughts on this chapter of the online video story.

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