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Newstex is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the Blog Business Summit '07 in Chicago from Monday, September 17  - Wednesday, September 19, 2007.  Please join us at the conference and receive $100 discount off any attendance package by using the code: P16CHIClick here to register for Blog Business Summit '07!

Selected speakers include Robert Scoble (, Padmasree Warrior (CTO Motorola), and Matt Mullenweg (Founder Wordpress).

TheBlog Business Summit 07 Chicago will bring together the world’s top businessbloggers. Corporate, small business, marketing and PR professionals willcompare notes and discuss the top blogging tools, services and techniques. Getthe latest on promoting internal and external dialog with prospects, customers,teammates, and influencers.

Blog Business Summit is a conference series that covers the intersectionbetween business and emerging online communications technologies such as blogsand online social networks. The conference aims to provide attendees with apractical understanding of how key technological and cultural developments willare impacting businesses and customers. Attendees will leave the conferencewith practical, actionable information that they can put to immediate gooduse.

Blog Business Summit Chicago 2007

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