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How did you celebrate Labor Day 2011? Did you take a minute to celebrate yourself and other workers in America (employed and unemployed)? That's what the holiday was created for back in 1882, but today, most people are just happy to get a day off of work for Labor Day.Check out the infographic below that sheds light on some really interesting statistics related to the U.S. labor force. Unfortunately, bloggers and online publishers don't appear on the infographic, but if you write a blog or publish online content for an employer, a client, or yourself in exchange for compensation, then you should have been celebrating yourself yesterday for all of that hard work!

Infographics: Labor Day

Courtesy of: CreditDonkey

So take a second to give yourself a pat on the back and say, "great job this year!" Authoritative content publishers don't always get the recognition and appreciation that they deserve, so don't be above giving it to yourself. You deserve it!Now, here is the real question. While most of the people around you had the day off for Labor Day, what were you doing that day? I bet the vast majority of online publishers worked at least part of the day. I know I did! How about you?

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