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There are a lot of books about blogging available today, but the new Bloggers Boot Camp brings something different to the table -- its authors.Between the two authors, John Biggs and Charlie White, they have written thousands of blog posts for popular blogs like Gizmodo (syndicated by Newstex), TechCrunch, and Mashable. Their book doesn't teach the step-by-step process to start a blog using the blogging application of choice for the reader, but instead, dives into how to write and run a blog that is successful.The authors offer a number of rules and instructions to build a blog and publish content that can be written every day. This is not a book for casual bloggers or people who write a blog for fun without goals to drive large numbers of visitors or make money. Instead, this is a book for people who want to make blogging a job. As the authors explain, "Blogging is a job. It may be your second job but it is a process that takes hard work and discipline."Bloggers Boot Camp covers everything from how to manage your blog and social networking to how to promote your blog and handle advertising, hiring writers, and more. In other words, it covers everything you need to know to develop and maintain your blog as it grows. It also references a variety of tools that you can use to streamline processes.The authors offer two rules in the first chapter of the book that they believe are essential to every blogging plan: always be blogging and post consistently. Following is a brief excerpt that explains more about how you can make sure you're always blogging.

"Keep posting! What do you mean, there’s nothing to write about today? Of course there is! There’s always something going on that would interest your readers every day. Your goal is to be the person “in the know” about all things involved in your topic. If you truly love what you’re writing about, you won’t have any problem writing something at least daily. If you find you’re having trouble, you may be facing a serious problem in your choice of topic. There is no topic too mundane that you can’t pull a post out of it. Can’t find news? Post some pictures from a recent activity related to your topic. Talk about what other bloggers in your niche are doing. Prepare a round-up of news from other sources."

If you need a book that will teach you how to take your blog from hobby to revenue-generator, then Bloggers Boot Camp might be a good choice.