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In an amazing story breaking in the past 24 hours which many are calling a "scandal," a reporter from the obscure conservative Web site Talon News, who had been using a false name, obtained highly coveted White House press credentials. According to a detailed report in Editor & Publisher, the individual posing as "Jeff Gannon" was first unmasked in the past few days by blogs including DailyKos, Eschaton, Media Matters, and others.

That somebody could use a false name to enter one of the most secure buildings in the world and then walk around freely with official credentials is almost unbelievable. Two members of the Newstex Board of Advisers have been inside the White House press briefing room and can attest that even pre-9/11 they had to submit to detailed background checks to gain admittance.

Stories appearing in blogs and mainstream media alike openly wonder if he is some kind of plant that the administration knew about or a colossal lapse of security. Either way, the story has legs. To add to the intrigue, some blogs have said "Jeff Gannon" has ties to sexual Websites, a story picked up by NPR.

Here's another example of blogs breaking important news. Together with the Dan Rather Swift Boat story of several months ago--also first appearing on blogs--there is no doubt that the stories coming out of blogs cannot be ignored.

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