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The past few months our Blog Acquisition Team (BAT) has been busy editorially licensing full text global financial blogs to add to our Blogs On Demandâ„¢ product.  Our financial oriented clients are seeking more and more full text blog content that we can add stock and people tickers to for easy lookup and deliver in a single feed, real time.

A press release was issued today on this topic as we will be attending the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) 2007 Technology Management Conference in New York. View Press Release.

Some of the new financial blogs available via Blogs On Demand include:

  • alarm:clock ( alarm:clock and its sister site alarm:clock euro cover the business of technology startups, including privately-held technology ventures.
  • The Aleph Blog ( Helping institutions and ordinary people invest better by focusing on risk control.
  • ( Covers the dramatic shifts occurring in the investment industry as a result of recent financial innovations, including hedge funds, portable alpha, 130/30 strategies, and efficient markets with a healthy dose of irreverent commentary.
  • Ant & Sons: Word on the Street ( Ant & Sons is an independent provider of investment commentary, research, news and analysis that has helped ordinary investors chart the financial seas since 2003.
  • Controlled ( A “value” investment blog.
  • CXO Advisory Group LLC Investing Notes ( Share with private investors, financial advisors and others information that may aid investing/trading decisions.
  • A Dash of Insight ( An eclectic approach to better trading and investing by finding market inefficiency and discussing and applying the best ideas and methods from several disciplines.
  • DealBreaker ( Online business tabloid and Wall Street gossip site covering personalities and culture of financial industry.
  • ETF Digest ( Investment newsletter covering over 100 ETFs and 60 world market indexes.
  • Fallond Trade History ( Market commentary and stock selection based on technical analysis.
  • Financial Armageddon ( Insights on debt, derivatives, government guarantees, the retirement system, and the coming economic unraveling.
  • Infectious Greed ( Technology and financial commentary from VC and CNBC analyst Paul Kedrosky.
  • Information Arbitrage ( A 17-year Wall Street veteran’s perspectives on investment, hedge funds, and ways to harness the power of the internet for Institutional Investors.
  • Kudlow’s Money Politic$ ( Washington to Wall Street: Pro-growth, strong defense, virtuous values, business, and stocks.
  • Madd Money (  Leading financial blog that recaps and summarizes Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV show, Wall Street Confidential, CNBC’s Stop Trading, and CNBC’s new hit show Fast Money.
  • Stock Market Beat ( News, analysis and opinion by a veteran equity analyst. Emphasis on small caps and technology stocks.
  • The Stockmasters ( Wall Street news and market commentary written for both investors and non-investors that delivers commentary, and relevant information, also the lighter side of the market.
  • ( Stock picks, equity research and market commentary.

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