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Last month, I published a post that described how statistics show video is an essential element of websites, but how do people find those videos?  Turns out bloggers play a huge role in driving traffic to online video.  In other words, if you want your online video to be seen, or potentially go viral, you need to connect with bloggers and get them talking about it.According to a study by, blogs drive more traffic to online video than search engines, social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, and email combined -- a lot more.  Check out the statistics from the study below:

  • Search engines = 11.18%
  • Social networks = 3.66%
  • Social bookmarking sites: 3.19%
  • Video search engines = 0.63%
  • Email/IM = 0.05%
  • Everything else (almost 100% blogs) = 80.88%

What do these statistics tell us?  Approximately 4 out of 5 online videos are viewed thanks to blog referrals.  Are you connecting with bloggers to drive traffic to your online videos?  Are you producing online videos yet?  Now is the time to get started!

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