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Day 1 of the BSEC 9th annual conference has kicked off at the Camel Back Inn in Scottsdale, AZ.  Temperature today is expected to hit 98!

John Blossom via Twitter announced the first two chapters of his new book "Content Nation" - John is asking everyone to read, contribute and enjoy. The book will be published by John Wiley & Sons later this year, but will also live online. 

Y.S. Chi, Vice Chair, Elsevier - Keynote "Taking on our new identity"
"Blogs have gained some traction", "Blogs can Spread news faster and quicker"
Could not have said it better myself, but I would argue that blogs gained traction 2 years ago and the large companies are just starting to notice.

He's now moving into social media including facebook and speaking about social media groups and then how Elsevier is utilizing this technology.

The future - Content based publishing.  People will pay for content based experience. Tagging, links, other metadata increase the content experience.  This is very similar to what we do with our blogs - we make the blog content experience better by adding metadata, stock tickers, and normalization. "Tiered levels of pricing for the content Experience".  Big news YS is a Dead Head!  He shows an example of diversified revenue using the Grateful Dead as an example.


Final Thoughts:

  • Increasing number of "publishers"
  • The incumbents are adapting and adopting
  • Going forward: content based experience

Lots of quotes from Mae West, Henry Kissinger and others.
QA - Content has to come to you, personalization of content.

Nice talk about the changes in publishing and how they relate to what Elsevier is doing.



Web 2.0 Buzzwords or Busienss?
Moderator - Ed Keating SIIA
Alacra - Steve Goldstein
Berkshire Publishing - Karen Christensen
Generate - William O'Conor
BLR - Kathy Greenler-Sexton

General discuss


ion based on SIIA research on web 2.0 Technologies.


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