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This morning I spoke on a panel at Buying & Selling Econtent ("BSEC") at the beautiful Marriott Camel Back Inn in sunny and warm Arizona.

The panel "When Everyone's a Publisher: The Impact of User-Generated Content"
Moderator: David Meerman Scott
Speakers: Cyndi Schoenbrun, Senior Research Analyst, Consumer Reports
Larry Schwartz, President, Newstex, LLC
Rusty Williams, Co-Founder, Prospero

Since I find it hard to blog a panel when I'm on it - I'll defer to the other bloggers at BSEC for coverage:

Rajat Ali -
John Blossom - Shore Communications
Barry Graubart - Content Matters
David Scott - Web Ink now

My favorite part of the panel was my bet with David Scott to see who could mention the overused pharse "The Long Tail" - I won the $20, but then lost it again when I failed to answer a audience question about what is the Long Tail, which David answered and took back the $20.

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