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At a time when traditional media sources are struggling to remain profitable, smaller, niche players are emerging as the go-to places for authoritative content.  Many of those authoritative content providers syndicate their content through Newstex, including GlobalPost, which focuses on foreign news coverage with approximately 70 foreign correspondents in 50 countries.According to the New York Times, CBS has taken notice of the depth of authoritative coverage that GlobalPost brings to the world of journalism and plans to partner with GlobalPost to report foreign news.The partnership makes sense for both parties.  For CBS, the company gets access to talented reporters living in the countries from where they report and delivering current news from the inside.  For GlobalPost, the increased exposure can only be a good thing.  As long as GlobalPost is allowed to continue reporting foreign news in the authoritative way it has done since its inception earlier this year, the alliance should bring GlobalPost the revenue and recognition it needs to grow and produce more news from around the world in a way that only GlobalPost can.  It's a business model that seems poised to grow to new heights.To syndicate your own online content through Newstex, click here.  If you're a distributor and would like to offer Newstex Authoritative Content, including GlobalPost content, to your customers, click here.