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The Complete Idiot's Guide to WordPress by Susan Gunelius (Newstex's Marketing Consultant) was released this week and is available through all online and offline books sellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and so on.The Complete Idiot's Guide to WordPress is part of the popular "Complete Idiot's Guide" series of books from Alpha Books/Penguin. The book provides users of both the hosted WordPress application ( and the self-hosted WordPress application ( with everything they need to know to create, customize, manage, and share their WordPress blogs or websites with the world.As part of the "Compete Idiot's Guide" series, the book is intended for beginners, but it also includes a great deal of advanced information. It's written modularly, so readers can pick and choose the parts they want to read, or they can read it from start to finish and have a well-developed WordPress blog or website that is positioned for long-term success when they're done reading. It covers topics from starting a blog to growing a blog audience and making money from a WordPress blog.It has a great price on Amazon right now of just $15.96 (a 36% discount off the retail price).

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