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Last Wednesday Newstex President Larry Schwartz spoke on a panel called "Who's Paying Whom and How?" at the SIIA Content Forum in Universal City, CA. The panel was moderated by Newstex Advisory Board member David Meerman Scott.

Larry and his fellow panelists provided great examples of how content businesses are thriving by adopting innovative and sometimes surprising approaches to serving customer needs with content services.

In his opening, David described some of what he called "the lies about online content" including the often heard "all online content will be free" as well as "Google will control everything" and "Blogging and journalism are in competition". The panel offered evidence to expose the lies and offer alternative views of what's working today in the online content market.

Larry discussed Content On Demand and the Newstex approach of providing premium newsfeeds integrated with commentary from blogs and other sources which is coded and tagged for easy integration.

Rafat Ali covered the SIIA Content Forum for his Paid Content site. Read his coverage and see a photo of the panel here. In the photo, David is on the far left and Larry is fourth from the left.

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