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Marketing expert, author, and blogger extraordinaire Seth Godin has said, "[Content marketing] is the only marketing that's left."That's a sweeping statement and remains up for debate in marketing crowds.  Regardless of exactly how true Godin's statement is, there is one thing we can bank on:Content is crucial.What do I mean by "content is crucial"?  It's simple really.  We live in a world that's dominated by access to information thanks to the widespread availability of broadband Internet connectivity that makes it quick and easy to find information on just about any subject within seconds.  When was the last time you picked up a printed Yellow Pages directory to find something?  Or are you like the majority of people in the Internet Age who turn to Google for any and all information?And that's where content actually becomes crucial.The more online content you produce, the more opportunities there are for other sites to link to you and for search engines to find you online.  That statement is 100% true and not up for debate.  It's a fact.Certainly, creating content through blogs, Twitter, podcasts and video helps you boost your online presence and create a myriad of entry points to enable people to find you online.  But simply creating content isn't enough.The content you publish needs to be great.  In other words, it needs to be meaningful and useful to your target audience or else it will be viewed as just another interruption as traditional advertising has grown to be known as.  Amazing content doesn't interrupt.  Instead, it engages, interests, and motivates readers to talk about it and share it.In other words, creating great content is only step one of a complete online marketing plan.  While it's easy to conduct a Google search to find information, it's a challenge to sort through the clutter to find the useful and meaningful content -- the Authoritative Content.Publishers of authoritative, credible and respected content need to find new ways to connect with the professional audiences who don't have time to sort through 100 pages of Google search results to find the useful content they need to do their jobs.  That's where licensed syndication through a company like Newstex can help boost your online presence and your connection with professionals who want and need your authoritative content.If publishing great content is step one of your online marketing plan, then distributing that content to ensure it's viewed by the right audience is step two.  Don't miss any opportunities you can find to connect your amazing content with your target audience.  Doing so can lead to great success, but skipping a step can lead to great failure or utter apathy.Image: Flickr