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The content marketing industry continues to grow and the players are constantly changing. In an effort to map out the industry, StudioOne put together a high-level content marketing landscape graphic that categorizes some of the industry players. As you might expect, the graphic isn't even close to being comprehensive, but it does efficiently categorize some of the biggest brand names. For example, you can find Newstex featured in the Content Distributors section of the image.Click on the image below to view the image at full size.

Content Marketing Landscape image

The Content Marketing Landscape by StudioOne was created with the help of Ted McConnell of the ARF and Terry Kawaja, Founder and CEO of Luma Partners, a company that has been making these types of landscape visuals for some time now. Luma Partners' Lumascapes cover search, display, gaming, video, commerce, and more. Check out the Mobile Lumscape and Social Lumascape below. You can view more Lumascapes here.Click the image to view it at full size.

lumascape mobile

Click the image to view it at full size.

lumascape social

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