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This morning Newstex made two announcements which together offer important proof points in the development of blogs as enterprise ready content:

Newstex will now deliver hundreds of blogs from Corante (the first blog media company) and Gawker Media (including popular blogs like Gawker, Wonkette, Gizmodo, and others) through Newstex Blogs on Demand.

LexisNexis will now deliver full-text Newstex Blogs On Demand content to enterprise customers.As you know, Newstex Blogs On Demand is focused on distributing important blogs to enterprise customers as a licensed, full-text feed ready to be integrated into the applications (such as LexisNexis) that employees use every day.

Press Releases:
Blog Content from Gawker Media and Corante Available Via Newstex BlogsOn Demand: Full-text blog feed from Newstex delivers full-text,licensed blogs to content distributors and enterprise customer

LexisNexis Delivers Blog Content via Newstex Blogs On Demand: Full-text blog feed from Newstex now available to LexisNexis customers