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Congratulations to Dan Schawbel (whose Personal Branding Blog, Student Branding Blog, and Twitter updates are syndicated through Newstex) for his well-deserved inclusion in's 2010 List of the Top Entrepreneurs under 30.Seeing Dan on this list doesn't come as a surprise to me.  I've been one of his fans for a while now (he was even kind enough to write the foreword for my book that's coming out in November, 30-Minute Social Media Marketing), for a simple reason -- he gets two of my favorite subjects, social media marketing and branding.  To see someone who is under 30 with such a clear grasp of somewhat intangible topics and a desire to help his peers gain a better understanding of those subjects in such a positive manner is inspirational.Dan is a sought after public speaker and offers social media and branding services through his company, Millenial Branding.  You can hear Dan describe his company and his vision in the video below.