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Today I had one of our first demos of the backoffice admin system that NewsEngin has been building for us.

I used GoToMeeting instead of Webex to facilitate the demo.  GotoMeeting is from the makers of GotoMyPC which I've used before.  The advantage of GoToMeeting over Webex is the cost - GoToMeeting is $40/month unlimited use for up to 10 people at a time and includes a dial-in meet me number at no additional charge.  Perfect for small demos like this.

I would give this demo a "5" - as we didn't have a separate demo space, they saw a lot of testing data which does not make for a very convincing demo.  High on my list is now is creating a separate demo space with "clean" data.

One of our challenges is how to demonstrate a Newsfeed product as we don't have an application.  Next week, we will launch a Secure RSS Newsfeed to demonstration our products.  This will be a big help to show potential clients our products without having to work through the IT departments to setup an FTP or VPN feed.

The client seem to be intrigued by our photos in-line, breath of publishers, and people tickering.  We'll see how this goes over the next few weeks. They will be one of the first to get our Secure RSS Newsfeed to demo the products.