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You write and publish Authoritative Content online. Do you have a brand for your content? Should you develop a personal brand for yourself? Do you need a journalism brand?With the growth of citizen journalism and brand journalism in recent years, the definition of "journalist" has changed. As a result, there is a growing need for individual journalists to brand themselves and use the influence of their personal brands to support the Authoritative Content publisher's brand growth goals.Personal branding of journalists can humanize the Authoritative Content publisher brand because it helps to build an emotional connection and relationship between the writer and the audience that can be very powerful. To support your content growth goals, you need a personal brand that establishes you as a thought leader, expert, or the go-to-person for intelligent insights into the topic you write about.In a recent article in the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) newsletter, Ronn Levine echoed those sentiments, and he also urges publishers to encourage their journalists to build their personal brands. Levine explains that added brand recognition and exposure of journalists' brands is good for publishers, too. He writes:

"Your reporters can be writing, blogging, tweeting, conducting podcasts and anything else that would help establish them as thought leaders. In this day and age and with few rules built in, it should all reflect well on the company."

Keep in mind, individual journalists' brands need to fit within the overall Authoritative Content publisher brand. Each writer should have the flexibility to define his or her individual brand of journalism, but that individuality needs to support the overall brand promise or content consumers will become confused. Confusion is the number one brand killer, so brand "fit" and brand consistency are critical.You need a brand that stands on its own and can expand across the online, offline, and mobile worlds to position your Authoritative Content for success today and in the future. At Newstex, we think building your brand is so important for both your overall content and yourself, we published a free ebook to help you get started. You can download Secrets to Brand Building Success for Authoritative Content Publishers now.Image: Steven Goodwin