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In a new post published on Branding Strategy Insider (which is syndicated through Newstex Authoritative Content), writer Steve Rivkin shares some interesting statistics about domain names in an interview with VeriSign Inc.'s Assistant General Manager for Naming Services Pat Kane.According to the statistics, the following statistics highlight the world of domain names in 2010:

  • Domain names have grown 7% in one year by 13.3 million.
  • More than 41,000 new domain names are added each day (based on average daily totals during the third quarter of 2010).
  • At the end of the third quarter of 2010, there were nearly 202 million domain name registrations.
  • .com and .net domain names equated to 103 million of all domains registered.
  • It is estimated by VeriSign that 88% of .com and .net domain names have live websites with content.
  • Country-level domain names increased by 2.4% over the prior year to 79.2 million demonstrating growth internationally.

These are fascinating statistics that show no signs of slowing down anytime in the near future. It seems hard to remember a time (not so long ago) when .com was the only viable domain name option and actually having a website was a big deal.  Today, it's a necessity and having a website is something anyone can do thanks to the free and easy to use tools of the social Web.It makes you wonder where the state of the Internet will be five or ten years from now.  How will it grow and change?  Certainly, mobility will be key.  Will the desktop computer be antiquated by 2020?  Only time will tell.What do you think the future holds for domain names and the Internet?  Leave a comment and share your predictions.You can read the complete interview between Steve Rivkin and Pat Kane on Branding Strategy Insider.Image: stock.xchng

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