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Since Google initiated its Panda Farmer algorithm change in February, which was intended to reduce search rankings for low quality and spam content (e.g., content from content mills and link farms), many legitimate websites and blogs have suffered a decline in organic Google search traffic.Is your content's success at Google's mercy?Next came the launch of the Google +1 button which allows people to recommend content to others thereby giving certain content greater exposure to your friends, contacts, and other people on the web. Has Google simply introduced one more way that people can get around the system by "recommending" content for personal gain? We'll have to wait and see, but there is certainly even more concern about how online properties attract traffic.The key is to take back some control of your content by removing at least some of your reliance on Google. You can do this by working to grow your online reputation across the social web and diversify your traffic sources through those efforts. Spend time connecting with people across the web, building relationships, sharing your expertise, and inviting people back to your blog or website for deeper conversations and more information. Don't operate in a silo. Instead, spread your wings and your content. You'll get it back in spades over time.Syndication is a great way to spread your content to broader audiences and remove some of your Google dependency. Licensed syndication through Newstex adds another layer of exposure by distributing your content offline, through closed systems to professional audiences who are unlikely to see it otherwise. You can syndicate your blog, online magazine, Twitter, and video content through Newstex Authoritative Content, giving you a variety of ways to grow your reputation and your audience.Use a web analytics tool like Google Analytics and keep track of where traffic to your blog or website is coming from by reviewing the "referrers" statistic on a weekly basis. As your efforts at removing your Google dependence grow, you'll see the list of referrers to your content grow, too.Have you already started to decrease your Google dependence? Leave a comment and share the steps you've taken so far.If you want to learn more about Google's Panda Farmer algorithm changes, visit Wordtracker's site to get a great Google Panda Update Survival Guide.Image: stock.xchng

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