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The end of the year...the valley between Christmas and New Years is a time for cleaning the office, getting ready for the new work year and spending time with family  and friends. It is also the time of great introspection...

Several of our favorite analysts and bloggers are weighing in with their end of year predictions:

Shore Communciations - John Blossom
Crystal Ball Redux: Looking Back on Shore's 2004 Forecast - and Peeking at 2005

Last year at this time Shore's crystal ball was bringing into focus many trends in content that may have been hard to believe for some - yet the ol' sphere seems to have had a pretty good year of target practice. From the rise of the Publishing Organization and The New Aggregation to the monetization of Weblogs to the commercial success of DRM-managed content, many of the trends forecast last year unfolded on schedule, while some such as weblogs exploded with even more vengeance than even we had anticipated.   Join us as we look back on the progress of our predictions and take a gander at how these trends will fare next year.

OutSellOutlook 2005: Power Play In The Information Industry (Registration Required)

For 2004, our theme was Create, Re-create, Recreate!  It was all about being creative and having fun as the industry threw off old ways and reinvented itself.  As we look ahead to 2005, the new theme is “Power Play,” which is intentionally laced with a double meaning.  We think the themes of play, creativity, and fun will continue – but they’ll be kicked up a notch in 2005.  We mean power as in strength, power as in energy – not the fear-based old world of power grabs, power struggles, and power outages.  After first reviewing our track record for 2004 predictions (we were mostly right on), it addresses shifting power positions of information users, information vendors, and information managers in 2005.   This is Outsell’s essential guide to what’s in store in 2005.

Silicon Beat -

Our musings will be scant over the next few days. We'll resume in earnest early next year. In the spirit of holiday reflection, though, we're recapping below some the themes followed over the past year -- we'd welcome your thoughts about any or all of them, especially on how you think they'll develop over the next year. We've been challenged and inspired by your contributions in 2004, and we look forward to more of them.

Fortune Magazine - Ten Tech Trends to Watch For in 2005
by  Fred Vogelstein
1. Why There's No Escaping the Blog
2. Early Adopters' Paradise
3. Is Wintel Out of Gas?
4. Genetic Medicine's Next Big Step
5. It Even Makes Calls!
6. Kiss Privacy Goodbye
7. China Tries to Kick the Piracy Habit
8. Iraq's Robot Invasion
9. Scanning for Dollars
10. Nuclear Spring

Red Herring Magazine -This year’s Top 10 Trends:

From speed races to duels- Moore’s Law is challenged as the chip industry changes tactics to avoid a meltdown.

The death of distance- VoIP is cheap, no doubt. What is more interesting is what it can do.

We know who you are- The identity and access management crisis.

Silencing the genes- After the hype, and then the lull, biotechs are making progress in pushing RNAi therapies into real-world treatments and real-deal revenues.

Micro energy, finally?- After heating up great expectations and then missing deadlines, the fuel cell industry could finally hit its stride next year.

Where is that file?- As the storage capacity of personal computers has expanded, innovators see a business opportunity in searching the final frontier – your desktop.

Baby boomers left to their own devices- As an aging population continues to seek the fountain of youth, the medical equipment market promises answers.

The web goes to pieces- Don’t blink – web services just became real.

The U.S takes a 3G thrashing-The next generation in cellular could leave the U.S. even further behind.

Home sweet digital home - Will computer companies or consumer electronics makers own the keys to the wired house?


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