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In a new study from Facebook called How People Are Engaging Journalists on Facebook and Best Practices, several tips are revealed that can help content publishers better engage with journalists on the social networking site. Of course, many Authoritative Content publishers are journalists, so there could be a variety of ways that you can apply these tips to your own work.When it comes to increasing engagement, a few simple tricks make a huge difference in increasing interactivity on journalist pages on Facebook:

  • Questions work: Posts that ask questions receive twice as many comments and 64% more feedback overall.
  • Longer is better: 5-line posts show a 60% increase in feedback, and 4-line posts show a 30% increase in feedback.
  • Photos help: Posts with images get 50% more likes than posts without images.
  • Thumbnails matter: Posted links that include a thumbnail image get 65% more likes and 50% more comments than posted links without thumbnails.

Of course, this data doesn't mean you should only publish questions on your Facebook page or never publish a post that's shorter than 4 lines. In fact, 1-line posts were found to be very successful at times, but on average, 5-line and 4-line posts are more likely to increase engagement.When it comes to the actual content within the posts journalists publish on their Facebook pages, there are more options to increase engagement than simply asking question after question. The Facebook study shows that the following activities are all very good at increasing engagement:

  • Asking questions or asking for input = 64% increase in feedback
  • Call to read or take a closer look = 37% increase
  • Personal commentary, opinions, or "behind-the-scenes" posts = 25% increase
  • Clever language = 18% increase

When all is said and done, publishing quality content will always work, but use the findings in the Facebook study to mix up your Facebook page content and deliver the type of posts people like to read and like to comment on.What do you think? Do you use any of these tactics in your Facebook posting or other online publishing efforts? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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