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Have you ever gotten lost in "Internet time" trying to find reliable content from credible sources that you need but having little or no luck at all?  If you had easy access to Authoritative Content, your problem would be solved and you'd have a lot more time to spend on more productive activities than searching the Web haystack for the prized needle.What is Authoritative Content?  A free ebook from Newstex, Authoritative Content - Because All Content is Not Created Equal, answers that question and explains how Authoritative Content is closing the gap between traditional and new media sources.The problem most professionals face is searching through the overwhelming online clutter to find the useful, meaningful and trustworthy content that respected Authoritative Content publishers produce.   This free ebook also reveals how Newstex helps professionals in the fields of business, law, government, journalism, academia and more access that Authoritative Content, which they need to do their jobs everyday.You can follow the link to download a free copy of Authoritative Content - Because All Content is Not Created Equal now.  Feel free to share it, tweet it, link to it, blog about it, and talk about it.