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Do you miss the tap, tap, tapping of an old-fashioned typewriter?  Want to turn your iPad into one?  Now you can with the USB Typewriter!For around $500, you can relive the good old days when you had to push down really hard on each key, pull the "return" bar, and use white-out if you made a mistake.Okay, perhaps it's not that realistic, but you get the point.If you don't have an extra $500 lying around for your customized keyboard, never fear!  The do-it-yourself kit is just $75.You can see the USB Typewriter for Apple's iPad in action in the video below.It's hard to believe it was only a few decades ago that everyone was still using typewriters!  The USB Typewriter can help you get nostalgic or it could be a fun gift for the right person.What do you think?  Do you miss old-fashioned typewriters?I remember getting my finger stuck between the keys on a manual typewriter when I was a kid.  That hurt.