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Are you on Google+ yet? It's Google's social platform that is still in beta but already has over 20 million users. Online publishers are scrambling to add the Google +1 sharing button to their websites, blogs, and so on. That scrambling has gotten even more intense since Google added functionality that enables people to not just give content they like a +1 but also to share that content with their own Google+ connections (which are grouped into circles by the Google+ user) via the Google +1 button.If you don't have a Google +1 button on your website or blog yet, you can get the code here.Another cool part of Google+ that online publishers should know about is Hangouts. In simplest terms, Google Hangouts is an online video chat service that integrates with Google+ to allow people to feel like they're in the same room together as they surf the Internet to discuss content, have a meeting, and so on.I spotted a post on ReelSEO this week that brought a handy use of Google Hangouts to my attention. I'm guessing most YouTube users haven't noticed the "Watch with all your friends. Start a Google+ Hangout" link in the Share section of most YouTube videos. You can see what I'm referring to in the image below.

For Authoritative Content video publishers, the Google+ Hangout sharing option on YouTube could become a useful promotional tool. Imagine you published a video that shows you demonstrating how to use a product or teaching something that needs to be seen in action to fully understand. Now, imagine that you schedule a video chat with people in your Google+ circles inviting them to join you to learn how to use your product. Instead of a traditional webinar, you can have a chat with up to 10 people about your video content!Don't be afraid to get creative and think about ways you can use new tools to promote your content, build your audience, and reach your goals! There are so many innovative ways to spread your content and build relationships. Google+, the +1 button, and Hangouts are just three of options available to you.See you on Google+!

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