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Online publishers can already embed videos, tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos on their websites and blogs, and this month, Google+ joined the "easy-embed" trend by launching embedded posts.On the Google+ Developers Blog, Seth Sternberg, Director of Product Management for Google+, explained that embedded Google+ posts were launched, "to make it easy for you to expand your audience across the web."Now, any web publisher can add anyone else's public Google+ posts to their web pages, including posts with text, links, photos, and multi-media. Embedded posts are fully interactive, so site visitors can +1 the post, comment on the post, or follow the post author without leaving the web page where it was embedded.To embed Google+ posts into your own online content, just click the Embed Post option from the drop-down menu icon that appears with any Google+ public post. Copy the embed code and paste it into your web page. The embedded Google+ post will automatically appear when you publish the page.Want to see embedded Google+ posts in action? Below is one of my recent Google+ posts embedded using the steps provided above. It took less than 5 seconds to embed it here.

Words of Warning

Of course when a new way to publish another person's content on your own site debuts, it's important to remember that not everyone (in this case, the original Google+ post author) will understand that their public posts can be embedded into other web pages. Therefore, you should be prepared to remove any embedded posts that the original authors ask you to delete.Also, if the original author deletes the Google+ post you embed into your content or changes his or her Google+ account to private after you publish the embedded post, that Google+ post will disappear from your web page. Consider how that potential action could affect the quality of your content and the visitor user experience on your website or blog before you publish content that includes an embedded Google+ post.Finally, be careful about what you publish publicly on Google+, because your content could be embedded anywhere now that the Google+ embedded posts feature has launched. Check your privacy settings in your Google+ account as soon as possible, and make sure everything is set up the way you want it.Image: Widjaya Ivan

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