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First, Google stole market share from Apple when the Android smartphone operating system faced off against the iPhone.  Now, Google prepares to battle Apple's iPad in the tablet market with the forthcoming debut of the Honeycomb operating system which will enter the ring on multiple tablets.  Who will win this battle?  Wilson Rothman of MSNBC put together a great analysis of the upcoming Honeycomb versus iPad battle.Wilson breaks down the Honeycomb operating system features that differentiate it from the iPad or make it comparable to the iPad as follows:

  1. Honeycomb home screen - Active with widgets, updates, and more.
  2. Honeycomb notifications - Not as intrusive or annoying as iPad notifications.
  3. Honeycomb apps - Developers and users will be happy with the ability to use, buy, and develop apps that work well on both Android and Honeycomb devices.

You can read all of Wilson's analysis on MSNBC.  In the meantime, check out the video below that introduces Honeycomb.

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What do you think?  Can Honeycomb take a bite out of iPad like Android smartphones did to the iPhone?  Leave a comment and share your predictions.

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