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Welcome the Gothamist to the Newstex Blogs on Demand product.  The Gothamist is a network of city blogs which started in New York City in December, 2002, they have since grown to 15 cities in America, Europe, and Asia. The cities are:

Austin,Boston,Chicago,London,Los Angeles, Miamist,New York City,Paris,Philadelphia,San Francisco,Shanghai,Seattle,Toronto, Washington DC and just launched - Houston.

Each of Gothamist sites is completely unique and strives to give an insider's view of life in the city. In each city, the format stays the same: news and lifestyle topics diced into food, sports, politics, theater, museums--tons of categories customized to each city.

My recent favorite: If you missed the Molly the trapped cat story - they have it all here.

If local commentary is your interest, then Gothamist has you covered in 15 cities worldwide.

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